Getting Your Permit

To obtain a concealed carry permit in the State of Illinois, you must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid firearms owner identification (FOID) card. New applicants must complete 16 hours of training, but if you have an honorable discharge from the Military (DD214) this counts for eight of your 16 hours.

Once your training is complete, you are signed off by an instructor and then go through the process of applying for the permit. We recommend that you obtain an electronic fingerprint scan from an approved electronic fingerprint agency, and submit that along with your picture and application to the Illinois State Police for approval. Electronic fingerprint scans are not required prior to submitting your application, it will, however, expedite the process. 

Once approved, you receive a card — with your picture and date of birth — stating that you are allowed to carry a concealed firearm. Throughout the application process, we provide limited help if anything is unclear.