Why Choose Streeterville Tactical?

Streeterville Tactical is not your average gun training facility. We not only conduct Conceal Carry training, but also demonstrate and develop the mental and psychological attitude required for CCL holders to maintain. 

Mental attitude is a very important aspect of being a CCL holder.  We at Streeterville Tactical make our students aware of the essential attitude and mind set to carry a deadly weapon. The attitude and mind set are such imperative aspects to have, especially if you must use deadly force to defend yourself or anyone else.  

We teach you the difference between a general threat and a deadly threat. General threats can be in the form of racial slurs, inappropriate communications or sexual comments. These actions are not considered a deadly threat.

Understanding the importance of deescalation of bad situations is an essential skill when maintaining a CCL. Owning a CCL comes with responsibility, and must not be taken for granted. Streeterville Tactical will teach you this responsibility, along with the skills necessary to carry a concealed weapon. 

Posted on October 21, 2014 .