What Ammo? Cartridge Choices

"QUESTION:  I am a reasonably experienced shooter who has been carrying a concealed handgun of one type or another for the past ten years or so. I try to practice regularly and am actually pretty pleased with my success. As I am learning to shoot better groups in my marksmanship training, I am starting to find that my practice ammunition does not hit the same place on the target as my carry ammunition. The pistol is zeroed to hit point of aim with the carry ammunition at 25 yards. The practice ammunition that I use hits 4 inches low and slightly to the right of the carry ammunition. I have tried several different brands of practice ammunition but haven’t had success in matching where the carry ammunition hits the target. I’m not opposed to buying new carry ammunition but I don’t want to be on a perpetual journey chasing an elusive goal that may be impossible to fulfill. Are there some options that you could recommend that would allow me to obtain both practice and carry ammunition that hit in the same place but not break the bank?"

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Posted on December 1, 2014 .